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Jill Nicole Bowie

 Wellness Life Coach


I am Jill Bowie, the Founder and CEO of Awaken Authentic Self Consulting LLC which was founded in 2020.  I am an Author and Wellness Life Coach who is passionate about empowering others in pursuit of improving their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. My coaching style is based on the christian faith and principles. I enjoy working with those of different backgrounds, religions, race, and all walks of life. I believe God gifted me with the spirit of discernment and with being an Intuitive Empath which is a heighten awareness of emotions and feelings of others in order to serve his purpose and humanity. 

Awaken Authentic Self Consulting specializes in helping individuals find their true purpose and build a life they love. I provide an open and non-judgmental space for everyone to explore their passions, values, and goals.  The mission is to empower individuals to create a meaningful life through being their Authentic Self.










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