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I am Jill Bowie, Author, Mentor, Spiritual and Life Coach who is passionate about empowering teens and adults on their Spiritual and Life Journey.  Experiencing a spiritual awakening myself, I understand it can be an exciting yet challenging time.  Therefore, I'd like to support others in their journey and life pursuits as I find it to be rewarding.  The foundation and principles of my spiritual beliefs is Christianity. I enjoy discussions with those of different backgrounds, religions, race, and all walks of life as my philosophy is everyone has something to teach and I am excited to learn.  I enjoy discussions on various topics and some may push the envelope.  Nothing is off limits! As long as it remains respectable.  I am an Intuitive Empath which allows me to easily relate to others by being keenly aware of emotions and feelings of those around me.  My interest are Spirituality, Psychology, and Sociology which are the focus areas of my publications, mentoring, and coaching.

I hope you are inspired, motivated, and empowered by viewing this site. 

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