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What would life be like if you were the only person on earth? It would be really lonely.  Even if you do not see yourself as a people person or social it is imperative to develop good relationships.  Relationships is the bond and connection between two or more individuals. There are all types of relationships.  Relationships with our parents, children, coworkers, family, and significant other. 


The type or field of work one undertakes to earn wages and income.  A career is primarily a position taken that one has studied, trained, and or gained experience.   

Wellness is the overall being of an individual.  Particularly, the holistic health of an individual such as their emotional, mental, psychological,  physical, and spiritual is all part of the concept of wellness.  


Money is the currency used in exchange of goods and services.  Your earnings or income is important in order to have a comfortable life for yourself and family.  The income you have available after liabilities and taxes is the income you may use for savings, investing, or entertainment.  

Personal Growth

Learning is a part of life that allows improvement of oneself personally, professionally, and or spiritually.  If an individual is evolving it will manifest in their material world as well as on a soul level.  Personal growth is for a lifetime so remember this and be patient with yourself.

Home Environment 

Whether or not your home is a peaceful welcoming, and comfortable place is key to your overall well being.  Having a home where everything is functioning, housemates share in chores, and the love between others is felt makes all the difference to your happiness.  The home is where the majority of our time is generally spent.  


Many times, spirituality is confused with religion.  However, the two are not the same.  Spirituality is a concept dealing with the meaning of life.  All of us are made up of body, mind (soul), and spirit.  It is the human spirit that connects us to Divinity the creator source, God.  Our spirit helps us to stay on the path we were born and destine to take.  

Fun & Leisure

What is life without a little fun and entertainment.  When you work hard and do your best to improve yourself on a soul level you learn to take breaks and be present with where you are in the moment.  When you don't have the time or funds for entertainment or vacation remember that laughter is healing.  Take the opportunity to find the humor in things and to laugh and play with your pets or kids.  Be preset with your loved ones giving them quality time. You can have Heaven here on Earth.  

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