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Handmade necklace and matching earring sets made with dyed magnesite flat oval beaded gemstones.  The focal statement adds a touch of flare.  Multicolor set in blue and light brown.



You may use the magnetic gold clip and/or gold claws to secure your necklace in place.   


Magnesite is known to support deep peace while meditating.  When placed on the third eye located between the eyes at the top bridge of the nose, it enhances visulalisation and imagery.  It assist in opening the crown chakra.  This stone is also known to calm emotions and promote tolerance.

"Earth Goddess"Necklace & Earring Set

SKU: Necklace & Bracelet Set 31
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  • There are no refunds on handmade products.  Exchanges on unused products may be made within 10 business days of purchase.  

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